Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Planet Queen Perchance to Dream . . .

Checking my emails earlier I found a message from Shaky Kane alongside a jpeg attachment. It's a timely follow-up to my earlier post about George Adamski's book. Here's the jpeg and this is how the email reads...

"There's a line in a T. REX song goes 'Flying Saucer, take me away, give me your daughter'. I'm in the kitchen washing up and the song goes through my head in that annoying way that you can't shut down. And I look up and the saucer's there, framed in the window. I fire off one frame and the saucer's gone, like a light bulb when the filament blows. And I view the image, my hands still wet from the kitchen sink, just to prove to myself that it actually happened.

But then, who's going to believe that?"

A Rainy Day, PERU, 1957

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