Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Live from JAPAN... 日本からのメッセージ

Photo by Manko
Manko, who appeared as the Black Widow for the STRIPPED exhibition recently and Jason Atomic, who curated the exhibition itself are currently hanging out in Japan, jet-setters that they are! They've kindly sent us an insight about the difference in attitude towards comic/manga collecting over there. 

Manko: "I'm sending a photo I took today in Shinjuku. I think it's fascinating that comics in Japan are so popular that homeless people can make a living by collecting discarded manga and reselling it on the street." 

Jason: "It's weird isn't it, as we are so used to being comic collectors, that the normal routine here is to read it and ditch it. With weekly manga being the size of telephone books and the average flat the size of a large shed, collecting becomes almost impossible. If you really like a certain story you would go for the paperback sized collected edition. People really don't seem to care about first appearances and owning the original editions any more so than an Eastenders fan would want to tape every episode."

Obviously not a place to live if you have a slight hoarding tendency! - Steve

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