Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Nice illustration here by Alfie Gallagher. For more of his work and other stuff, his blog is here...


  1. No prob, Alfie! I really like your Tarot card too. Hope you do an entire set!

  2. I have just read that Jimi Hendricks was murdered
    by his manager because of money ! It's in a roadie's book. I can
    send you the link but it's in french !

    I love the tarot card but be carefull that the symbols are respected !
    It's better for the "reading"!So Steve if you have a question ask me ,
    it's one of my hobby !

    Thinking about your post with cover magazine Jane Birkin : I've got one
    With very young Nico (from the Velvet Underground) carying her baby that she had with Alain Delon. It's in a "Elle" magazine.

    Have a good day, still love your amazing Blog

    Sophie (from France)

  3. Thanks, Sophie!
    I had a look for that Elle online, but there doesn't seem to be a picture of it anywhere. It sounds good. I saw Nico at one of her last performances in London in the 80's. As for Jimi Hendrix; the photographer I used to work for was very good friends with him and took some amazing photos. You can see them here...


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