Monday, 7 May 2012

Birds of Britain

Another of the most treasured items on my bookshelf is this incredible book from 1967 by the photographer, John d Green. Designed by David Tree. As the inside cover states... "Miniskirts and the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and now the Birds. That means girls--feathery and soft, swinging and defiantly independent...Who is the London girl? John d Green and his associates went through the agonies of choice, and here are fifty-five, not one of which is the typical girl. The beauty of this incandescent maelstrom is that each bird is pretty in her own individual way... Julie Christie, Susannah York, Dusty Springfield, 'Charley' Rampling, Cilla Black, Susan Hampshire, Mary Quant, Sandie Shaw, Shirley Ann Field, Cathy McGowan, Hayley Mills, Lulu, Jane Asher, Julie Christie, Pat Booth, Sue Lloyd, Sarah Miles, Pattie Boyd, Marianne Faithful... Many represent the bewildering and fast-changing world of media: films, records, fashion photography, television, and theatre." 
It really is an exceptional period piece. Here are some shots of a few of the spreads...

And the man himself, John D Green... Dude!


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