Saturday, 5 May 2012

ADF's Live Score for LA HAINE

Tonight I saw Asian Dub Foundation perform their legendary live score to Mathieu Kassovitz's cult film LA HAINE for the second time and the place was rammed! They also had graffiti artists creating art on each side of the stage during the performance. The event took place at The Troxy in London's East End and there were a couple of paintings outside the venue of the character Vinz from the film who was played by a young Vincent Cassel; unfortunately I didn't have time to get the names of the artists who painted them.

The performance was outstanding as usual and if you happen to be in Paris tomorrow, ADF are doing another show at Le Trianon in Boulevard Rochechouart and the info for that is right here.


  1. I remember when one of the guys says :"Do you
    know the story of the man falling from
    a building and at every floor says : "until now everything OK,
    until now everything OK,unntil now everything OK ..."

  2. Legendary livescore to Mathieu Kassovitz's cult film LA HAINE for the second time and the place was rammed!


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