Thursday, 31 May 2012

DJ Food's Summer Bottled - Sunspot

I reeeeally like this trippy 3 minute audio visual extravaganza!

Destiny's Angels

Although I've been regularly posting covers from my 2000AD production art collection, I've neglected to post any of the interior pages; so to rectify that here's the first page of the epic Destiny's Angels story from 2000AD Prog #281.

Script: John Wagner/Alan Grant
Artist: Carlos Ezquerra
Colours: Tom Frame
Letters: T. Jacob

Strike a Pose!

I found this on tumblr. Another great shot of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but this time it seems to be utilised as an iPhone case.

DJ's Food

These elegantly packed chocolate bars were made specially for the follow-up DJ Food & Henry Flint art show at the Factory Road Gallery in Hinckley. More details from this link. The first show was a real event and this time there will be even more original Henry Flint 2000AD pages on show. Hey! it's Thursday, it's nearly the weekend and here's a great DJ Food mix to bring it on!

He Can't Be Stopped!

I haven't posted one of these for a while, so here's another production stat from my Marvel covers collection. The Eternals #9 - March, 1977. Cover artist: Jack Kirby.

U.N.C.L.E. #4

A great action pose by Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo from my Man From U.N.C.L.E. bubble gum card collection. Thanks again to Alan McKenzie for tracking all of these cards down as a birthday gift for me last year. Love 'em!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

王菲 2046

Scenes of the beautiful Faye Wong from Wong Kar-Wai´s 2046 with the usual stunning cinematography by Christopher Doyle and Pung-Leung Kwan.

On his day off . . .

For more of these great illustrations by Matt Kaufenberg, take the link to

Largin' it #38

The Dark Knight Returns, 1986
Writer: Frank Miller
Penciller: Frank Miller
Inker: Klaus Janson
Colourist: Lynn Varley
Letterer: John Costanza


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Cat & The Bat #2

Planet of the Apes Party Fun Time

This is nuts!!!

Manga Mayhem!

I've had this for years and it takes the prize as the maddest, busiest cover of ANY of the publications that I have in my cupboard. Don't look at it for too long, I'm sure it could evoke the worst of migraines!

Queen of Pinups!

The classic panel from my copy of The Rocketeer graphic novel by the late, great Dave Stevens featuring his homage to Queen of Pinups, Bettie Page. According to Wikipedia, his illustrations of the model renewed the public's interest in her career and on discovering that Page was still alive and living nearby, Stevens became friends with her. He then helped to arrange compensation to her from various publishers for the use of her image and reprints of her glamour and pin-up photos. Below is some archive footage remixed with Madonna's 'Like A Virgin', but sung by the inimitable and aptly named Richard Cheese.

 I'm lucky to have an original Irving Klaw photo of Bettie Page myself and here it is... 

I found this 'remix' on Vimeo. If you're viewing this from the 1950's it's probably not safe for work, but if you're here and now, it's probably okay... just a little spicy. The photo below is actually available to share on Wikimedia but doesn't have any information about the photographer, so that's a bit of a mystery. There's also a pretty comprehensive pictorial chronology of her modelling career online, right here. Just so you know; there are sellers online auctioning 'Original Vintage Photographs of Bettie Page', but that doesn't necessarily mean they were printed in the 1950's. The fact is, that the original Irving Klaw negatives still exist and 4" x 5" originals are still being made from them. You can save yourself from being caught up in an online auction bidding war by checking out the full catalog online at Movie Star News and they're only $2.00 each!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Pavement Artists

Strolling down the road a short while ago I spotted a large crate full of old vinyl records just sitting there on the pavement in the baking sun, waiting to be thrown into a skip. Time was limited and the pressure was on when the bin men arrived, but a quick flick through revealed some well kept classics of which I rescued the best twenty. These things just seem to manifest themselves to someone like me. I spent most of last summer trying to get rid of my old vinyl, but these I had never owned and some of them are just... beautiful - Take a look...

Click to enlarge!

Sunday, 27 May 2012


After a trip to the cinema this afternoon with 3D shades at the ready, I have to say that Men In Black 3 was way beyond my expectations, in fact - I want to see it again!

You Know Too Much

A Short Film by Sam Wall for the William Orbit track You Know Too Much About Flying Saucers
- topical! 

Mellow Sunday pt #2

It's still Sunday, the weather is hot (at last!) and I just nicked this from William Orbit's FB page, because it's unpublished, unheard and 'cause I like it.

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na . . .

Mellow Sunday Megamix . . .

Another For The Squaxx dek Thargo's

Another fabulously vivid piece from my cupboard... Production art from 24th January, 1987 for 2000AD Prog #506. Art by Brett EwinsColours by Tom Frame.

Children Of The Flaming Wheel

This is the companion piece to In The Days of the Mob that I posted about the other day. Shame about the bloody great big 'SALE 5p PRICE' stamp on the cover, but it's what's inside that counts and it's classic Kirby to the core! My favourite strip is Children Of The Flaming Wheel, listed as a Foto-Feature in the contents but I would describe it more as Fumetti, a genre of comics with photographs rather than drawings. Maaan, this is trippy stuff! Apparently Kirby worked with Mark Evanier on the story and Steve Sherman who took the actual photos. As for the cover, it's interesting to note that Neal Adams designed it and there's an original rough by him (left, click for large) for sale online. It's only... $1500.00!!! and you'll find it here. Just 'add to basket'!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Name is Monica

This is Monica. She never existed. There are more Imaginary People here...

Words Hanging in the Air. . . Frozen

It's Saturday night; time for some music and a chance to say thanks to William Orbit for giving Secret Oranges a plug on his FB page yesterday. I recently discovered negatives from some of the photo sessions we did a few years back and William has posted some of them up there if you want to go take a look.

Above is the Dr Meaker remix of Optical Illusions from the 2009 album My Oracle Lives Uptown, (Listen out for the hauntingly beautiful voice of Gwyneth Paltrow). Below is a video with footage from The Beach that I found on Vimeo featuring the Orbit/AllSaints track Pure Shores which was featured in the film and always totally does it for me. There are hundreds more I could post, but this isn't MTV - right!

Exotica comes to Hackney

On Wednesday I was walking past a charity shop in Hackney and spotted the beautiful face of Sandy Warner staring down at me from the top shelf. At £2.50 this was a must-have item just for the sleeve alone. Sandy Warner was a model and actress who appeared in a couple of episodes of The Twilight Zone amongst others. She was also in the film Some Like it Hot, though she was mostly famous as The Exotica Girl and featured on no less than 12 Martin Denny album covers in the late 50's and early 60's. The only thing that strikes me as odd about this is the styling. It looks like a bottle opener adorning her forehead - oh, well, there's nothing wrong with quirky! Here's one of the tracks from the album on YouTube courtesy of Little Miss Lounge who seems to have digitised the entire Exotica series...

Here's another sleeve from the series. I'm going to be scouring the charity shops for this one now!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Saucer Country

I picked this up from Orbital yesterday; issue #3 of Saucer Country by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly. This was another logo that I designed for Vertigo fairly recently and to be honest it wasn't a favourite of mine, but now with a bit of distance I'm far happier with it, especially the little saucers zipping about. After running into Paul Cornell at the Bristol convention a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to tell him of my own 'encounter', which I'll add the cuttings for right here. Excuse my haircut - it was the seventies!

Storm Dogs

Some beautiful new art here by Doug Braithwaite. If you're intrigued and want to know more, check Dave Hine's blog and he'll explain everything.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Agent Provocateur – L'Agent

Agent Provocateur – L'Agent (Version Longue)
They're at it again... another beautifully shot advertisement from those Provocateur people.

It's . . .

Another great Jim Steranko panel. Captain America #110 - Feb, 1969. (click and enlarge to massive)

Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Riders of Tomorrow

Such a great name for an album! I guess it was all the rage in the early 70's. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars from a couple of years previously, springs to mind.

Planet Queen

Here's the T. Rex track that Shaky was talking about. The video is by Christopher Morris for Louis Vuitton.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Planet Queen Perchance to Dream . . .

Checking my emails earlier I found a message from Shaky Kane alongside a jpeg attachment. It's a timely follow-up to my earlier post about George Adamski's book. Here's the jpeg and this is how the email reads...

"There's a line in a T. REX song goes 'Flying Saucer, take me away, give me your daughter'. I'm in the kitchen washing up and the song goes through my head in that annoying way that you can't shut down. And I look up and the saucer's there, framed in the window. I fire off one frame and the saucer's gone, like a light bulb when the filament blows. And I view the image, my hands still wet from the kitchen sink, just to prove to myself that it actually happened.

But then, who's going to believe that?"

A Rainy Day, PERU, 1957

Design: Mystery in Space Logo

I was recently asked to re-design the original Mystery in Space logo from 1951 for Vertigo. They wanted it to look contemporary but still retain the characteristics of the original. This is how it printed up with stunningly beautiful artwork by Ryan Sook of a steam-punk angel devising the map of the world. Inset is the original comic cover from the 50's by Carmine Infantino and Frank Giacoia featuring the logo that was designed by Ira Schnapp. Thanks to Todd Klein for the info on that. Todd has won numerous Eisner and Harvey awards for his work and if you want to know more about comic logos and lettering he is an expert on such matters. Take a look at his website here and his terrific blog right here.
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