Sunday, 15 April 2012

Any Space, Any Time!

From my collection, another fine piece of production art: 2000AD Prog #235 - 24th October, 1981.
Art by Massimo Belardinelli  

Colours by Tom Frame.


  1. Fantastic work by the much-missed Italian Maestro... Ace Trucking was one of my favourite strips as a kid, and Massimo was a perfect fit for it. Interestingly, the first cover appears to have been directly hand-coloured (possibly with an additional overlay for final production?):

  2. Thanks, that's odd. All of these cover pieces have overlays and blue-line.

  3. Hold on - does this cover mean ACE TRUCKING CO was in continuity with Dredd the whole time? Aw man, that would be brilliant.


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