Friday, 2 March 2012

Manko Signs for Mr Hine

A short while after the STRIPPED show last night, Mr David Hine asked Manko to embellish a book that he'd just acquired from Jason Atomic. In the second of our Oranges/Trade crossover events Dave has posted the said item on his, but beware! This will be more appreciated by viewers of an older disposition, i.e. 18 plus!


Left: Art!!! - I couldn't get close-ups of the art due to reflections on the glass.  Right: A little bit of romance at the back.

Left: Pages by Garry Leach for Penthouse in 2001 when he covered for Dan DeCarlo.  Right David Hine & Garry Leach.

Left: Johnny Deluxe & Beatrice Schleyer.  Right: Ninja's Strictly Kev, Werewolf's Laurence Sordello & ADF's Steve Chandrasonic.

Left: Alan Cowsill with Rian Hughes and Steve Chandra Savale.  Right: Barbara Android MUST BE STOPPED!

Left: Glow in the dark.  Right: Jessica, Barbara Android and Michelle.
Left: Manko with Jason Atomic and his laser-eyes.  Right: One of Jason's cereal box art pieces.

Left: Me and Manko by Beatrice.  Right: Mark Wigan, me, Tiff McGinnis, Beatrice Schleyer, Jason Atomic & Henry Hate by Manko.


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