Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Dredd End

Something else from my cuttings folder, but why this was no longer attached to the annual it appeared in, I have no idea. Brain Bolland's "The Dredd End" from the Judge Dredd Annual, 1988. This was originally a part of the "Tharg's Head Revisited" story for 2000AD Prog #500.


  1. I either read somewhere or I decided independently (though I doubt it) that the real objection to drawing Dredd wasn't so much "you're bored stiff by him" as much as it was because Bolland's art had been used on so many other things that he was never compensated for (and the rediculous looking Dredd on a horse was actually a "try using this image for promotion!" two fingers up to tharg / ipc).

    Did I dream that up?

  2. There were other publishers reprinting his work too, so, what you're saying sounds about right.

  3. I heard that too PJ - makes more sense. Mick McMahon's was pretty cutting too about art droid bloodsuckers tracing his art...


  4. These was an article about this at the time in one of the comics magazines (Speakeasy? Escape?) that did indeed show the Dredd on a hobby-horse panel with "TRY REPRINTING THIS!" as the caption. The gist of the article was that 2000AD editorial had given various creators a free hand in doing their submissions for the "Tharg's Head Revisited" strip and had been dismayed by the wave of bitterness and venom that had been released. Bolland's entry was entirely re-lettered, and McMahon's original entry was so vitriolic he was asked to re-draw it...

    1. Yes, I remember that article. Can't remember where it appeared though.


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