Friday, 17 February 2012


Another production piece from my collection with art by the great Carlos Ezquerra.
2000AD prog #139 - 17th Nov 1979


  1. Great stuff. (That heading just says Letraset to me.)

    I often wonder how much good quality artwork or films Rebellion holds of earlier non-digital 2000AD material. There was some discussion recently on the 2000AD forum about this following the announcement of the Dredd cover art book. This kind of artwork might be very useful to Rebellion and perhaps a better option than scanning original comics.

  2. Yep! Looks like Letraset to me too!

  3. i think Rebellion might have thrown the baby out with the bath water or maybe they just ware never offered the film archive of all the comic pages, it brakes my heart to see most of the new colour graphic novel been scanned from the comic or the fleetway books.

  4. A lot of stuff got dumped before they were even in the picture. Dumped by the skip load!

  5. ouch! that makes a lot of sense now.


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