Sunday, 19 February 2012

Brigitte Bardot Was Here...

I'm not usually bothered about autographs but I have one prized exception that I was lucky enough to find in an old flea market a good few years ago; this postcard print of Brigitte Bardot that she'd actually signed with her own hand - Yikes!

Most probably NOT Brigitte Bardot, 1978
As a teenager in the 70's I used to spend every summer with my pals, backpacking our way down to the South of France on a long-haul, overnight train that was usually rammed with young French military guys doing their national service. The train was so full, we'd be lucky to get a seat, in fact most of the journey was usually spent sitting on top of our rucksacks or sleeping in the corridors. It was a hellish journey, but the destination was the reward. 

Every year we'd convince ourselves that we'd spot Brigitte Bardot, skipping barefoot through the streets of St Tropez or lounging around on a private beach somewhere along the Riviera. But we never did... though there came a day, when for a brief moment I thought I saw her, looking very cool, standing in a shop doorway; so I took a photo just in case.

I found a couple of videos on YouTube that seem to sum up the whole fascination with Bardot as a French National Treasure, so I'll post them here. The track by Serge Gainsbourg - The Initials BB - written for Brigitte Bardot after their relationship ended, still sounds incredibly powerful.

An outtake from the Comic Strip music video featuring Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot.

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