Sunday, 22 January 2012

Who's the Girl of the 21st Century?

As a follow-up to the earlier Barbarella thread, here's a slightly battered looking copy of Penthouse that I bought a few years back, plus a detail of the British poster for the film. I'm curious as to who the artist was; the style looks incredibly familiar, but there seems to be no reference to the artist online. If anyone knows for sure, please tell. UPDATE: David Yates from Reading, suggests it could be early John Burns, which makes absolute sense, I can't figure out why I didn't see the similarity myself. I need to investigate further... Another UPDATE: I have now asked John Burns about this and he said it definitely wasn't one of his, so the mystery deepens...

Click image for super-size


  1. You guys are good at the artist spotting! can anyone tell me who did the box art for the HAVOC dolls back in the 70s?
    (the link below leads to what must surely be the most Freudian play-set I ever purchased)

  2. You're not wrong there, Jason!
    As for the artist, nothing springs to mind. I'll have to think about that.

  3. havoc looks like ron embleton (the captain scarlet end credit artist) certainly the shirt is exactly how he painted

  4. Yes, I think you're right, Steve!

  5. do you think Barbarella is Burns? I think some of the colouring could be but overall it's too curvey for him. He could have spent more time refining it I suppose as it was a film poster

  6. Yes, I do actually. The bit that did it for me was the profile of Barbarella at the base of the painting, it just looks like his work. Remember this would be Burns of 1968, rather than what we're used to now. Hope it is. I'm going to find a way of asking him.


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