Saturday, 28 January 2012

Who is The Shrimp?

Following on from my previous post about Bailey, Shrimpton and We'll Take Manhattan (which I still haven't seen), here's another book from my cupboard, this one from 1965 and featuring a most beautiful portrait of Jean Shrimpton. Like I said before, it's not just comics in here but a whole load of other things that inspire me too (I'll get round to the mummified frog another time). The text on the back reads... 

Who is "The Shrimp"? SHE has "the face of Candy and Holly Golightly, the suggestion of Audrey Hepburn innocence and Brigitte Bardot sexuality," wrote NEWSWEEK. "SHE is youth," explains Eileen Ford of New York's Ford Model Agency. "SHE's a happening," says fashion photographer Richard Avedon. "SHE has the face every woman would love to have this very minute," pronounces New York Herald Tribune columnist Eugenia Sheppard. "SHE's hopelessly sexy," says art director Nicky Haslam. 

The English gave us James Bond and the Beatles - Now they give us "THE SHRIMP" with the face and the look that are sweeping the world.

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