Sunday, 29 January 2012

Orbital Birthday Tribute

A couple of months ago Karl Asaa of Orbital Comics asked me if I'd be interested in designing a flyer to celebrate their Tenth Anniversary. I leapt at the chance, because I just love that shop and all the great people who work there. For me, going to Orbital feels more akin to hanging out at the famous 'Coffee Bean Barn' in the Spider-Man comics of the 60's rather than a visit to Starbucks, if that makes any sense.

Being housed on the original site of The Photographers Gallery means they have their own Gallery to display Original art, alongside Events and Signings. They have a regular Podcast and Interviews. They have Vintage Comics, Small Press Comics, Manga, Toys, Statues, T-shirts, Posters, Art prints. In fact the only thing they don't have is...Coffee!...Hmmm...maybe I'll drop that in their suggestion box. Meanwhile, here are the two flyers that I designed for them. 

The first features Californian M.Lee, who wowed everyone with her incredible aerial performances at the Millennium Dome a few years back and the second is more of a variant teaser really. This features Valeria who also starred as 'Zero' in the project I worked on with Alex Brattell and Grant Morrison for The Story of Zero. She also modelled as Robbie Morrison's, Jena Makarov character for my 2000AD Prog #1615 cover. For more about Orbital and their terrific line-up of events click the link to their newly designed website here...


  1. Oh! I like the teaser even more!

  2. Sir, sir, can I have a no-prize?

    In the first one, she's shielding herself from the light emanating from inside the 0....but her shadow is being cast from a light source that would be somewhere in front of her.

    *puffs self up*

    Well, whaddya say?

  3. Funnily enough, Strictly Kev mentioned that the other day, but I left it as it was 'cause I like it and it's called artistic license. I have one of those somewhere. I still think you deserve a no-prize though, for spotting it!


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