Monday, 9 January 2012

Emphatically Yess

Here's a back page ad that I did for 2000AD sometime in '89. I initially did the painting for a bit of practice really. I wanted to imagine that I'd photographed Judge Anderson in a studio setting. As it turned out there was an empty back page to fill on the comic one week, so Alan McKenzie came up with the idea of using it as part of an imaginary ad for the Justice Dept. He wrote the copy, I did the design & paste-up, and it went to press. 

The thing that bugs me about it now was something that John Higgins drew to my attention. The chair legs were a bit too spindly to give the chair any weight. I could see what he meant immediately, even though they were based on the legs of a real chair, I might not have been quite so literal and should have beefed them up a bit. Unfortunately it was a bit too late to fix because it was already in print, but I always appreciated his comments because it's often tricky to look at things objectively and constructive criticism is what makes us better. With this flaw in mind I wasn't going to bother scanning it, but yesterday by chance, I spotted a mention here on a Dredd review site from 3 months ago, by someone who seemed to like it regardless. So what the heck, here it is...

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