Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Far-Flung Future of 1980...

A classic comic design from the 70's, October 9th, 1971 to be precise. Countdown was the worthy successor to TV21 and featured some great artists, my favourites being John Burns, Ron Embleton and Gerry Haylock. Another bonus was the UFO strip based on the incredibly stylish Gerry Anderson TV series, featuring the SHADO organisation and set in the far-flung future of 1980!

Strange Phenomena Investigators
(SPI) logo rough, circa 1970
Agents of SPI on reconnaissance.
L to R, Manuel, Ian and myself (though I don't
remember being quite that goofy or freckly).
I remember sitting with my two pals, Ian Smith and Manuel Zornoza in Ian's parent's coal-bunker which we'd turned into a base of operations (after we'd cleaned it up a bit) for our own secret organisation, SPI: Strange Phenomena Investigators. Of course we all had security clearance ID cards for which I found my original logo roughs a few weeks ago in my parent's attic. A black cat with it's back arched; I think I made it more pronounced for the finished thing. Wish I still had it. Oh, well, we can't keep everything... though I've tried my best... Anyway, there we were in our base of operations wondering what we'd be doing in 1980, how incredibly old we'd be and with Gabrielle Drake in mind, wondering if all the women of the future would be wearing purple wigs and silver mini-skirts.

With UFO in mind, one of the most exciting TV intro's ever, in my opinion... 
Oh, and Gabrielle Drake...


  1. Blimey! Pity about the script and the acting.

  2. So did you ever get around to investigating any strange phenomena?

  3. Well, to be honest I'd never really needed to go looking for it. Growing up in a very disturbed house that just happened to be built on the site of a Black Death plague pit probably didn't help...

    ...and the newspaper clippings here are actually for real.


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