Friday, 6 January 2012

Breeze & Gawain

I've already written about Breeze & The Brain, so now for Breeze & Gawain. I found these photocopies of sketches in my Marvel UK folder. One of them had a post-it note on the back from John Tomlinson, so I thought I'd ask him what exactly these were about, because when it comes to Captain Britain related stuff, he's your man. Here's his reply:

The Real Breeze
Blimey, where do you find all this stuff! These are character designs from Knights of Pendragon series 2, revamped and spandexed up as part of the Nearyverse back in the early 90s. I wasn¹t generally a fan of the revamp, in which we were obliged to lose almost everything I liked about the original series ­ but at least we had the mighty Alan Davis to redesign the costumes. The character of Breeze was indeed based on your unfeasibly attractive friend of the same name, who you'd photographed ­in your lift I believe ­for an Overkill comic T-shirt ad (bearing the electrifying slogan T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE, which surely had the Saatchi brothers weeping tears of blood). The character of Gawain from series 1 was resurrected as a possessed Westworld-style robot (Questworld ­ I mean, bloody hell). What's interesting for me now is to read Alan's notes, which make the series sound a lot better than it actually was. - Cheerz, John

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