Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Breeze & The Brain

2000AD Advertisement
I mentioned previously about the ads that I was asked to do for 2000AD. As a recap; because of the weekly nature of the comic we would quite often end up with a blank space where a paid advertisement was supposed to go but hadn't been supplied in time. With this in mind I was asked to make a few 'filler' ads. For this particular ad, I disguised the 2000AD logo as a fan. The face itself was based on my rather glamorous landlady, Breeze, who was a singer and model.

A few days after this had been printed in the comic, I was strolling through Chinatown in London's West End and was surprised to see hundreds of flyers with this same image, blowing around in the breeze (no pun intended). I picked one of them and up and flipped it over to see that it was a flyer advertising The Brain nightclub. I marched up the road to the address on the back and asked to see the manager about why they were using my illustration. "Nah, mate, that's one of Barnzley's" he said, "We paid him for that flyer". "If that's the case, then why on earth did he use my signature too?", I asked. (At the time I used the 'S' from the logo I'd designed for Starburst magazine as my moniker). Anyway, I wasn't that bothered and kind of flattered that they'd liked it enough to use it, to be honest; plus they let me in for free a few times to make up for it.

The Back & Front of the Flyer itself
One thing led to another and a couple of years down the line, The Brain became a bit of a regular haunt for Rian Hughes and myself. It was only 3 doors away from a studio we shared in Chinatown and a good place to hang out and drink rather elaborate cocktails. I also finally met Barnzley himself when I was shooting the stills on William Orbit's, Strange Cargo III music video. He was the stylist on the shoot and turned out to be quite a comics aficionado, and quite a character too (to say the least!).

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