Saturday, 10 December 2011

Shaky does Dredd #1

A few hours later; I'm still at Wishbone Studios and Shaky Kane is clawing his way through the trapdoor to his cellar, clutching artwork from his earlier career. He's having a bit of a reminisce and there are pages strewn across the floor. One page that stood out for me in particular was this, in fact there are three of them. I had no idea that he'd drawn this Judge Dredd strip so I enquire...

Shaky "I drew this completely off my own back, having downloaded the script from the 2000AD website. I think it was called 'Gun Runner'. This would have been maybe ten years ago. I hadn't had anything printed in 'The Galaxy's Greatest' for quite a while. I took it that my style of drawing had gone out of favor with the changing editorial staff. I heard at the time that they were now looking for a more traditional drawing style, sort of 'old school' comic book. I put the three sample pages together and hoping to shake off the curse of The Soul Sisters sent them in under my 'real name' rather than Shaky Kane. I felt pretty optimistic at the time. The pages certainly looked more reader-friendly than my earlier work but I never heard back."
"I think I forgot to enclose the stamps."

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