Monday, 12 December 2011

Shaky does... Doombrain?!?

As a follow up to my little excursion to the outer reaches of Devon, I'd like to present an oddity that I scanned and brought back on my memory stick.

While watching a reminiscing Shaky Kane rediscover a whole load of original artwork in the basement of his Wishbone Studios, I spotted something that looked totally out-of-sync with the rest. Lying there, covered in dust was a rather large piece of art entitled Doombrain. I was sure that this had been given to him by another artist and the signature on the art spelled out a name that I was not at all familiar with; "Who, on earth is Joe Klutz?", I asked. The answer was not at all what I expected. 

It turns out that Joe Klutz is actually a pseudonym of Shaky Kane's and he used it for a fair while working on a whole run of adult humour strips for a 'Viz' style comic book about ten years ago. The name of the publication was the Lazy Frog. Some of his strips had titles like Uncle Al the Kiddie's Pal, and The Freudian World of Professor Chad! Apparently, Shaky mentioned all this in a recent interview with Broken Frontier, though I tried a bit of my own research on the net, and the only reference I could find was from this thread about Viz-inspired adult humour titles by someone called Doppelkorn. "Lazy Frog from around 2001/2002, is almost impossible to track down on the net and any hunt for the publishers or authors comes up dead. I think it was Westcountry based. It was like Viz but had a more mean, anti everything vibe and some better-drawn cartoons."
Anyhow, I've presented the strip in two halves for enlargement reasons. Here's Doombrain, by 'er, Joe Klutz...

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