Monday, 26 December 2011

New Statesmen

I'm a big fan of Jim Baikie's art style and here are four of his panels from the aforementioned, Fleetway's New Statesmen (1988). Click to enlarge.


  1. I'd love to see this reprinted. Although the current owners (Egmont?) don't seem interested in doing anything with this and the other Crisis titles, I seem to recall Pat reckons some of these Fleetway/IPC series have rather rocky paperwork and a good solid shake of the tree might knock a few of them loose (obviously a Third World War would be great too and a nice tribute to John Hicklenton). I did mention this to John but it didn't seem to catch his interest. However, I might use this as inspiration to dig out the interview with Pat and see what I can do.

  2. Please do. I'd love to see it back in print too. Thanks for your comment!
    As Antonio Solinas mentioned previously, people don't seem to say as much on blogs as they do on facebook for some reason.

  3. Never fear, we are out there watching ;)

    I'm afraid the easiest way to generate comments is a little controversy :(

  4. Ha! - Well, I think I'll find my feet with this before I get... controversial! :)


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