Saturday, 3 December 2011

In The Tardis

This one's a bit of a mystery because although it's the size of a postcard, it has no postcard type details on the back, in fact it's just blank grey card. It looks as though it's been cut-out from a Doctor Who product of some description. I had a Doctor Who Give a Show Projector set as a 6 year old, but I can't imagine that I would have destroyed the box for this. Oh, well... who knows?


  1. Just came across this pic on my travels! It's actually part of the box lid for a Jigsaw puzzle box, which is why it's on grey card. I'm not sure what company made these back in the 60's but possibly Tower Press. There was a set of three all with really lovely painted scenes and this would have been the bottom right corner of the box which was about one and a half times bigger than this. Whoever cut it out no doubt wanted the pic only and not the rest of the boxlid.


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