Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hot Property

This is the first of the 2000AD annuals that Alan McKenzie and I worked on together. I loved this cover by Brett Ewins and Jim McCarthy so much that I bought it from them. The only problem was, that some '@$&*!' stole it from the old 2000AD office one night and we never saw it again. Brett was kind enough to give me another great painting of Kano to make up for the loss, but it still irks me! If anyone ever spots this on ebay, please call Crimewatch UK... or let me know :)


  1. Great cover. I first saw it (or a reproduction of it – at least I think it was this) on the wall of Richard Burton's office when I interviewed him for my thesis in my student days. I had no idea it was an annual cover until many months later.

  2. Is the interview up online somewhere?

  3. No interview online. I interviewed various people but didn't include the actual interviews in my thesis which I called 'Innovations in the mainstream comic'. I picked it up last weekend as it was at my mother's house. In the preface I thanked the following people I met who were kind enough to offer their assistance: Nick Landau, Igor Goldkind, Richard Burton, Paul Gravett and Martin Barker. Interestingly, I also thanked Alan Moore who I spoke to at the 1987 'Comic Iconoclasm' exhibition at the ICA. I now recall him being interviewed by Charles Shaar Murray (wow, I see that an audio recording of that is online) but I don't remember speaking to Alan Moore. I still feel giddy about the fact that I chopped up many of my favourite comics for the illustrations. As a student I couldn't afford many colour copies. They were poor quality and very expensive so I figured it would be cheaper to carve up my comics and then buy new ones as there were plenty in comic shops. But I never got round to it. This was way back in 1988. When I am reunited with my entire comic collection I think I'll reunite the illustrations with the comics they came from. I read a few years later that some comic pros had stopped allowing students to interview them as they were getting so many requests. Guess I was one of the first. (Apologies for the long comment.)

  4. No apology needed Chris, long comments are good - thanks!


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