Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Far-Flung Fellowship of FOOM

Time: 8.30 am (ish) GMT
Date: 24th March, 1973.
Location: Wilmot Road, Carshalton, Surrey, UK.
Item: FOOM Membership pack.

The letterbox flap slammed shut and outside, a squeaky gate closed behind a bemused postman. The eager boy leapt from the breakfast table and ran towards the front door, unconcerned that his Puffa Puffa Rice was destined to become horribly soggy. On the worn coir doormat, something lurid and green lay there... just lay there, grinning. 50 new pence down and finally the wait was over; I had finally been accepted into the far-flung fellowship of FOOM and here was my membership card...


  1. You know what? - I'm looking at the ink lines on that Hulk drawing and I'm pretty sure that's another Steranko. Not exactly vintage, but it's bizarre to see him doing all this donkey work for Marvel when he could have been drawing comic book pages. It makes the whole FOOM thing very collectible though. I'm envious.

  2. You could well be right, Dave.
    Chris (aka SuperSurfer) said on an earlier post that he thought the Hulk envelope was drawn by Marie Severin, maybe they did it together?

  3. Oh yes, that's the one. Mine has the address label in Hulk's mouth. I was thinking about my earlier comment but I would say it is Steranko. Think my memory was blurred by the fact that Marie Severin redrew the head of Steranko's King-Size Hulk cover (which I mention on my blog). Apparently Steranko was initially editor and designer of the FOOM material. I only had one issue. Must say, your membership card is in good condition.

  4. I'm pretty sure the envelope is indeed all Jaunty Jim's work ;-) Look at the feathering, for starters. And it's certainly of a par with the interior art that he did inside all the early issues that he produced for Marvel. I'm not sure it was 'donkey work' though, as I think Jim saw it as a way of making the move across into what he really wanted to do through his own Supergraphics outfit.

    I was never a member at the time, so only got my hands on the issues at a later date, but I was lucky enough to buy a mint mailing envelope (along with the first three issues) from a Supergraphics sale many moons ago, along with a heap of Jim's own Comixscene mags too.

    But I'll have to find my one now, as I've no idea if it's a UK one or a US adressed mailing pack. Damn you ;-)


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