Saturday, 3 December 2011

Face it, Tiger...

This was a surprise find today. I know for a fact that my entire set of Spider-Man Comics Weekly are in a box in the shed at the bottom of my parent's garden. This leads me to believe it's either a duplicate copy or I took it from the box at some point because it has my favourite comic strip panel in it, namely this...

The coincidence relating to this find was that I had only recently created a photographic homage to this very same comic-strip panel and having had it mentioned by Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool it now seems to be all over the internet in various places. 

There seems to have been quite a debate raging as to why Mary Jane has a nose ring and why her hair is bright red. Well, the reasons for this are (A). Because it's an homage and I decided to mix things up a little, making a Mary Jane Watson for this century rather than the 1960's. (B). Because that is how Megan McGuire, my friend and colleague at the London College of Fashion looks! As tricky as it is to find a real human being to represent a 2D line drawing of a human being, Megan has always reminded me of MJ in her manner, her looks and her joie de vivre. The fact that her hair is comic-book red, rather than auburn or ginger is kind of perfect and the fact that she wears a nose ring, well, perhaps MJ would have done so too if she'd first made her appearance in 2011.

While enjoying the online debate and comments which were mostly in it's favour, some of the best retorts to the more negative comments were "Face it, nitpickers... you just missed the jackpot." by someone called chipchat and "Ugh who cares about the nose ring - Girl is totally hot." by okpanic. I couldn't help wonder though, on which planet or which century some of these people live, and the comment that sparked that was "Even wholesome girls wear nose rings these days", I mean, was MJ supposed to be Amish?

Re-presenting... Megan McGuire as MJ for the Now Generation, 2011

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