Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Judge Dredd vs. The Big Two

Item: A 2000AD ad from 1978 by McMahon & Bolland. I can't imagine this would have been approved by either DC or Marvel!


  1. Over on Bleeding Cool I commented on their report of this item "...this was a paid-for message by IPC. It occupied the centrespread of the 1978 UK Comicon booklet, which I edited. The cover was a Frank Bellamy cowboy. Brian Bolland also did all the colour separations for the book."

    Though it was worth repeating here ...

    Alan McKenzie

  2. I found that very convention booklet yesterday! I'm going to scan pics from it very soon and put them up on There's some great stuff in it. Watch out for 'It came from The Box...'

  3. The original art for this was sold via auction recently (went for just over $2k). Hi-res image hopefully viewable via the link:

  4. Thanks, David!

    I wondered why this post has got back into the top 10...

  5. How did i miss this? Im signed up to HA as well! The only reason im not 100% totally gutted, it that Mick's art on this, is a stat only and not original.


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