Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Unwrapped

Merry Christmas Morning, folks! While sitting beneath the twinkling Christmas tree, having unwrapped all my fabulous gifts, I started to wonder if there were any more festive scans I could put up here. A bit of rummaging in my plan chest 10 minutes later produced a couple of seasonally relevant Chromalin proofs. One from '92 and another from '93. First up, Colin MacNeil's fabulously festive painting of Tharg as the Spirit of Christmas Future, co-starring the Command Module Droids. Asleep on the floor is the Burt droid (Richard Burton). The one with the glasses is the Bish-Op droid (David Bishop). Then left to right Mac-2 (Alan McKenzie), with 'Danger' sign - Automo-Tomlinson, (John Tomlinson), Mac-1 (Steve MacManus), Cyb-Aud (Audrey Wong) and peeking over the ledge at the top, that's me, Robo-Cook : )

The other proof I found was for Prog #772, (which was actually a Birthday, rather than Christmas issue, but it looks seasonal enough). This was one of my own covers from 1992. I originally designed and drew all the character icons on paper, then cut them out of Rubylith film with a scalpel. They were then copied and replicated using a pmt (photo-mechanical transfer) machine, which took up half the space in my studio at the time. All the colours were specified for the repro-house and the ribbon and bow were  printed in a fifth colour metallic gold for the final publication.

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