Saturday, 10 December 2011

Breaking News - Shaky Kane speaks!

Scoop Time!
Live from Shaky Kane's Wishbone Studio in downtown Exeter... an exclusive extract from the new Bulletproof Coffin - Disinterred and right now, I'm going to hand the keyboard over to Shaky himself to tell you a bit about this great panel. Over to Shaky...

Shaky "You know, I've always felt an affinity with the Beat Generation. The way they would hang out together playing bongos and having a real wild time. When this panel came up in the script to Bulletproof 2 it was a cinch, it practically drew itself."

Steve So, Shaky, is this scene reminiscent of your own misspent youth?

Shaky "Oh, yeah, we once replaced all the light bulbs in our pad with blue ones, to set the right mood. I'd imagine we were innovators in that respect. You see the guy with the bongos I seem to remember his name was Randy... Randy Orton."

Steve Well, I have to say, the pages you've just shown me are pretty awe-inspiring. You and Dave must be really pleased with the way it's all shaping up. How would you sum up the new series?

Shaky "This one's going to be a bit of a mystery bag; while staying true to the first series we're going to be introducing a veritable cornucopia of captivatingly creative characters. This series promises to be one heck of a ride... I'd bet my sweet Bippy on it!

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