Thursday, 24 November 2011

Zip it!

Here's a great cover illustration by Brett Ewins. I always loved Brett's Judge Anderson. This was for The Best of 2000AD Monthly #60 - Sept 1990.

There wasn't much of a budget for the monthly reprint titles in the Command Module back then, so I used to patch some of the covers together using the black film from the cmyk separations of the original issue. These were kept in the cavernous Fleetway archives. I'd then print up some pmt's (photo-mechanical transfers) and colour them myself.

Because a pmt is essentially photographic paper, I experimented on this by using photo retouching dyes which produced amazingly vivid colours. The only down-side was that they were particularly tricky to use and mistakes could not be easily rectified the way they can with paint. After I'd coloured her, Anderson was cut-out with a trusty scalpel and stuck onto an acetate overlay. I then specified the colours for the background image when it went to the repro house. I think the background characters were a deep maroon on the printed issue.

For more of Brett's work, check out The Art of Brett Ewins, Edited by Alan McKenzie and published by Air Pirate Press, right here... 


  1. I've got the original, signed coloured drawing of this front cover A2 size. It's great

  2. HI Steven, I have been looking for a print of just this picture for months. I remember spending many hours meticulously copying and enlarging the original picture (pencil, pen, ink) and hanging the result it on my teenage bedroom wall. Now entering my dotage and wishing to surround myself with nostalgia I would like a decent size print. This version, with the black and white background, is perfect - better than the original in my opinion. Can you suggest a workable solution.


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