Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Watch the Sky!

Here's a graphically strong cover from 1978, printed on Kentmere paper, showing the cmyk mark-ups. This was Illustrated and designed by 2000 AD's second Art director, Kevin O'Neill.


  1. I didn't know for years that this was Kevin's work. The other classic from that era was 'The Suit' cover he did - "the Power, the Pain, the Suit!!
    God how I'd love the original of that cover.

  2. The Suit? What issue number... 'erm Prog, rather!

  3. Kevin O'Neill is not only a great artist but also a superb designer. The suit is prog 73. 2000AD prog 112 with Robusters is one of my faves.

  4. Oh yes, classic many remember I suspect, that strip is one of the all-time greats too with the chase in the tunnels.

  5. He's a terrific designer, I'm totally in agreement there. That link is excellent, what a great cover!


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