Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Marvel UK

Here's a nice bit of printed ephemera; the logo for Marvel UK, Circa 1985. This was used on letter-headed paper, compliment slips, business cards, etc. 


  1. Dez's re-branding from 1979 lasted rather well, didn't it? Right through Jadwin House in Kentish Town, Redan Place (shown here) and finally Arundel House too. I think he was rather chuffed it had lasted that long (he'd had no idea, of course) when I showed him an Arundel House comp slip in the course of working on some details for my own Marvel UK reference work :-)

  2. That letterhead certainly takes me back. I just had the strangest urge to call the old number, as if Wendy King might actually answer 'Morning, Marvel?' from 1986. Luckily my tenuous grip on sanity prevented me.

    OK then it didn't!

    John T.


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