Monday, 7 November 2011

La Cosa No Existe!

There's something particularly pleasing about this, because it's such an odd size, 8"x 6" and it's thick like a paperback. I bought this on my first trip... abroad! Big deal in 1972. The family went to Majorca, just like every other Tom, Dick and Harry. I wasn't really interested in bull-fights or donkey rides up the mountain, I was only interested in seeking out weird looking, undecipherable comic books, because that just made them so much more appealing.

The donkey ride up the mountain however, did become more interesting at one point. There was a rather small donkey carrying a rather humongous woman and half way up the mountain it decided to drop it's head to eat something, which wouldn't normally be problematic except that the something was on the edge of the cliff and she started screaming horribly and sliding down it's neck towards the sheer drop. She survived, but it was close. Anyway, she was given a plush donkey with a straw hat to compensate for the trauma. Bargain!

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