Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kirby & Ditko #3

Another couple of panels from The Incredible Hulk #2 - July, 1962. I love scanning these high-res,
I just can't help myself! Click image for Super-Size.


  1. i love the large dot screen, the slight mis-registration, the limited colour pallet, the use of white as a colour and not as a empty space to be filled, not to forget Kirby's exiting drawings, its a pity when they reprint these stories that they don't use the same technique.

  2. I'm in total agreement, James. I scanned these from a pocket-sized paperback from 1978, so the printing was probably a bit sharper than the original comic book from '62 because of the paper stock..

  3. Look at the weight of those figures. Kirby made the Hulk look incredibly strong without resorting to giving him the musculature of a body-builder. A remarkable artist. Beautiful Ditko inks.


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