Friday, 4 November 2011

The Mighty World of Marvel - Unearthed!

I thought I'd start off with something I discovered lurking in the back of my filing cabinet today. A very crumpled and aged dummy for the first issue of The Mighty World of Marvel. I'd originally rescued this from certain doom while I was working at Marvel UK in Kentish Town, sometime in 1983 (I think). We were planning an office move to a far more more salubrious location in Bayswater and we were all told to jettison anything that wasn't needed to save on removal crates. Anyhow, somewhere along the line I saw this sticking out of a pile of rubbish along with a few other things and being the incessant hoarder that I am, I saved it and it's been deprived of daylight up until this very day. Interestingly, there were a couple of other pages alongside it. One is an advertisement with editor's corrections. But curiously, it says The Wonderful World of Marvel, leading me to speculate as to whether that was the comic's originally proposed title.

The published issue (spot the differences). 
The Advertisement including 'The Wonderful World of Marvel' and author's corrections.

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  1. I remember Steve telling me some years ago now that he'd managed to rescue this, but I didn't know you also had a related ad rough and a memo connected to that as well - good save that man! And a hoarder to match my own inclination ;-)

    This also nicely confirms something Dez once told me about Stan originally calling the comic The Wonderful World of Marvel (and can't you just 'hear' him saying that), until someone pointed out the similarity to Disney's catch phrase, hence the name change. It looks like the masthead was changed before the cover was pasted together, but that the change wasn't immediately made to the advert utilising that same artwork (bar some minor repositioning of the figures therein).

    I've uncovered a whole stash of memos from this period in the Stan Lee archives at the University of Wisconsin and I've been thoroughly enjoying examining them in recent months for my own book.


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