Thursday, 10 November 2011


As alluded to earlier, the interesting thing I discovered when searching for my name among the other Create-a-Character-Contest entries in this old issue of FOOM, were a few familiar names of people working in the comics biz today. Some are highlighted and I've chopped and pasted a few others from elsewhere on the spread. There may well be more, but right now I'm all scanned out. If anyone spots a familiar name that I missed on the full spread scan, feel free to mention it. Could that be Mark Moore of S'Express? I'll have to enquire...
Yes, my suspicions were correct it was indeed Superfly Guy and Heroic DJ, Mark Moore. This is what he said when I asked him. "Omigawd. Yes that's me! I came up with the lamest super-hero who was a gangster midget on jet-powered roller-skates. Looked like Jimmy Cagney in 'The Public Enemy'.... He was called Joe DaMidge >groan<". So, don't forget you heard it here first!

As a bit of extra info, Mark and S'Express actually made a  guest appearance in 2000 AD, a few years back in the Bradley strip by Alan McKenzie and Simon Harrison.

UPDATE - 14.12.2011 Many more names have been spotted on this particular list since it was first posted. There are also more lists in other issues, so the extent of this trend goes much deeper than first suspected. 

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