Wednesday, 30 November 2011

FOOM again...

Oh, Joy!!! While looking for something entirely different, I've accidentally discovered my first issue of FOOM and all the gifts (membership kit) were tucked inside, as good as new! I haven't seen this for years. I even found the envelope with this ridiculous sounding voucher attached. I quote... "I've no conscience! I'm willing to take advantage of you big-hearted boobs! (Yeah, don't think that meant quite the same thing in 1973) So here's my measly 50p (!!!) Rush my big bargain FOOM membership kit immediately.


  1. This really takes me back. I had that Thing sticker. Well I think it was meant to be a sticker but it didn't act like one. I only had one issue of FOOM. Think it was a Jim Starlin cover. The envelope had a giant Hulk face which I think was drawn by Marie Severin and the coupon I filled in became the address label which was in Hulk's mouth.

  2. That's the one, Chris. A giant Hulk face! I was going to scan that next. As for the 'stickers' they're all a bit flimsy with no sticky stuff on the back. Maybe that was beyond the budget. When all is said and done, 50p doesn't seem like much to have paid, although before decimalisation which had been 2 years earlier, (10/-) Ten shillings would have seemed quite a lot back then.


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