Monday, 7 November 2011

Super, Soaraway!

This cover was a lot of fun to work on. The 2000 AD crew got a bit miffed when we saw The Sun using the line It's a newspaper not a comic. So we thought we'd turn the tables on them! Alan McKenzie sat with me and wrote the headlines and text to fit as I designed it, adding those oh, so important newspaper cliché touches. STUNNED Birmingham housewife Sarah Colley, 31, was also the name of our production manager. We had a little bit of a run-in with the Managing Director of Egmont Fleetway about changing the logo for one issue, but Jon Davidge was such a terrific MD and always supported our maverick ways (within reason)! 
Grant Morrison and Mark Millar story characters on the cover with superb (as always) art by Steve Parkhouse and Rian Hughes. Just don't look too closely at what the girls are holding... (update) By popular request, here's a more detailed shot of Really & Truly.


  1. We need a close up of those girls Steve :)

  2. I don't do requests, Kev - hahah!
    Okay... in tomorrow's Super-Soaraway edition!

  3. Your request has been acknowledged Kev, just remember that when I come up and ask for 'Let's all Chant' by The Michael Zager Band, during your next set! :)

  4. Pretty sure it was The Mirror that was running that "a newspaper not a comic" ad-line. I always felt bad about snapping at Jon Davidge when he suggested we use the regular logo and I told him "it would look shit!" He was always a really good boss, and I was young and arsey. (Now I'm old and arsey!)

    Alan McK

  5. Ha ha! Thanks, Alan. I'd forgotten that bit.


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