Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Cutting Room Floor

Having mentioned previously about my incessant hoarding, I have a box full of amusing cuttings that I found on the floor during the exodus from the original offices at Marvel UK, circa 1983. Here are two of them. The one on the left is just plain silly and never ceases to amuse me. The other has a story behind it.

Apparently one embittered employee decided to try and sneak an 'F' word through on a strip they were pasting up. Unluckily for them, but luckily for all the kids that like their Romance stories to be somewhat wholesome, it didn't manage to get past the eagle eyes of the production team before it went to press. I don't know who the culprit was, but he/she was long gone before I started working there.

All that remained of their tenure was this...


  1. Ha. When you said someone tried to sneak a 'fuck' in I searched around trying to spot it. Was it in the lamp shade, the jumper, the hair. No couldn't spot it anywhere. Only then did I think to check the actual word balloons. Credit to them for being so bold!


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